Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Published Work

Static Movement

"The Road" and "Black Volga" to be featured in Road Trip anthology
"You Shouldn't Have Killed Me" in Sowing the Seeds of Horror anthology
"Want a Lift?" in Pot Luck - Flash Fiction anthology
"Journey's End" in Something From The Attic 2 anthology
"The Necromancer" in Unquiet Earth - Living Dead Flash Fiction anthology
"Scared to Walk Alone" in Serial Killers anthology
"The Suspect's Shadow" in The Shadow People anthology
"Don't!" in Trunk Stories anthology
"It Lurks" in The Cedar Chest anthology
"Murder by Reflection" in Thriller! anthology
"Portrait" in Oh, the Horror anthology
"Happy Slapping" in Ghosts and Demons anthology
"Mr. OCD" in Madness of the Mind anthology

Pill Hill Press

"Dorothy" in Daily Flash 2011: 365 Days of Flash Fiction anthology
"Last Night and Tonight" in Daily Bites of Flesh: 365 Days of Flash Fiction anthology
"I'm No Longer A Human But A..." in Daily Bites of Flesh: 365 Days of Flesh Fiction anthology
"Tasty" in Daily Flashes of Erotica: 365 Days of Flash Fiction anthology
"What London Used To Be" in Daily Flashes 2012: 366 Days of Flash Fiction anthology

Wicked East Press

"Only a Dream" in Cup of Joe - Coffee House Flash Fiction anthology

Living Dead Press

"Please Read This?!" in Emails of the Dead anthology


"The Victim" in Best of House of Horror 2010 anthology
"The Black Room" in House of Horror http://www.houseofhorror.org.uk/#/the-black-room/4545896559
"I'm Coming To Get You" in The Horror Zine http://www.thehorrorzine.com/Fiction/November%202009/Jason%20Brawn.html
"The Creeping Shadow" in Twisted Tongue Magazine Issue 17
"A Dark and Lonely Night" in Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine
"The Interview" in The Third BHF Book of Horror anthology
"Castle Hill" in Black Petals Issue 54 http://blackpetalsks.tripod.com/blackpetalsissue54/id14.html
"The Mistress" in Yellow Mama
"Vain" in Deadlines e-zine Issue 3 http://deadlineszine.com/jbrawn.aspx
"Day of the Dead" in WeirdYear http://www.weirdyear.com/search/label/Jason%20D.%20Brawn
"The Feast" in Estronomicon e-zine
"The Abandoned" in Deathhead Grin Issue 8 http://www.deathheadgrin.com/id71.html

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