Saturday, 24 December 2011


2011. Can believe how fast this year has been. However, I had always believe that time waits for no one. So I had to bust my ass with my writing, and have achieved the following:

32 short stories published/accepted
33 poems published/accepted
4 film reviews published/accepted

Making this the best year of my writing career, and there's lots more planned for 2012.

Last June, I took up poetry, adding another string to my bow.

Also, I attended my first ever literary convention - Fantasycon - where I networked with lots of writers and editors. The experience was fantastic and will attend next year's.

I would like to end this review with a special thanks for the support, guidance and friendship for this magical year, and I will continue to go forward achieving greater dreams:

Chris Bartholomew, Dorothy Davies, Lorraine Horrell, Naomi Clark, Aaron J. French, Brandon L. Rucker, George Wilhite, Stan Swanson, Jessy Marie Roberts, Jessica Weiss, G.R. Yeates (Greg James), Dean M. Drinkel, Joe Jablonski, Darren Gallagher, Traci Allison, Berni Stevens, Donna Dawson, Norman J. Warren, Dolores Harrington, Adrian Chamberlin, David Fingerman, Gary McMahon, Stephen Volk, Charles Day, Suzanne Robb, CJ Lines, Dave Jeffrey, Cinsearea S, Tim Marquitz, Cindy Crosmus, Amanda Norman, A.M. Stickel, Kevin G. Bufton, Weldon Burge, Greg Chapman, Simon Clark, Garry Charles, Tim Reed and Arcevia Services.

Best wishes to any reader of this blog, and a happy new year.

J xx

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