Thursday, 24 January 2013


2012 was a great year, releasing two novelettes as eBooks, which are selling well and the praise has been great. So thank you all for taking the time to look at my work.

Now for 2013, which will be a very challenging and busy year for me, as I have many projects in store. And I plan to build my readership.

Here they are:


A romantic ghost story, which I'm currently writing and I promise you that it will be a marriage of both horror and romance. This is a project that I have never done before, so I am really committing myself to this story. Hopefully, it will be a novella, the way the first draft is going.


This novella has been an on and off project since releasing STRANDED and REFUGE. But, I am dying to finish this book off, and I had a peek of what I've written and it looks great. This is also my first foray into the metal music genre, merged with folk horror. Just think of THE WITCHFINDER GENERAL two-timing with HOSTEL and BLOOD ON SATAN'S CLAW. So excited about this project. It was originally a screenplay, which no one wanted to touch because of its graphic scenes and it made them feel unsettled, despite loving the story. I agree with them, it will work better in prose.


My debut short story collection, featuring all of my 59 and counting published short stories, during the past five years. They will be re-edited and the cover will shock people.


A novelette about an ambitious journalist, who moves to a sleepy town with her boyfriend, while working on a book about a witch and soon unearths satanism and human sacrifice amongst the townfolks.


Another novelette about a student who wins a beauty contest and the prize is a photo shoot in a gothic mansion, in the middle of the desolate countryside where the real prize is her life.

That's about it for now. But will keep you posted in the coming months.

So long.

J xxx

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